Though we won’t be attending the usual parades and parties during Pride Month this year, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, including on platforms like TikTok. So let us introduce you to 10 groundbreaking LGBTQ+ TikTok trailblazers who are advocating for LGBTQ+ people everywhere during Pride Month — and beyond.

Each person featured has been nominated as a TikTok Trailblazer, an LGBTQ+ creator who is redefining what it means to embrace self-pride and live their life to the fullest. From musicians pushing boundaries to creators defining their identities and breaking stereotypes, these honorees have been nominated by their fellow creators for being at the forefront of the next wave of digital entertainment, while also using their platform to make a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ community. Keep reading to get to know them!


Which character would YOU pick?! ??️‍? #cartooncharacter #lgbt #lgbtq #fyp #mypride #viral


gender and sexuality are an endless spectrum; @onamorgana . We don’t have all the answers. Happy pride y’all #pridemonth


Every #family is beautiful & unique! Our is no different! Comment a question you want us to answer in pt 2. #gay #lgbt #couple #boyfriend #gaycouple


Oops…my bad babe @alexisthatfox #bloop #blooper #bachata


Black Creator Spotlight Pt. 1 ( today’s featured creators: @choyce.brown @jeanvictorm @theconsciouslee ) who are your favorite black creators? ?


Recreated Patricia’s most iconic video?


last person to comment “happy pride month” is a rotten egg !!! ?️‍? dc: @mehkivuitton


When your mom tells you to get off your phone but it’s reality tv (feat mom @anabee_martinez) #realitytv #fyp


i’m bisexual


Finally going to a normal date with a guy that’s my age lol #scared

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