A WOMAN has shared a key hack women can use to protect themselves if they feel unsafe, warning the common method could injure you.

TikTok user Fae, of @faesfx, gave the timely reminder in the wake of women saying they felt unsafe walking at night following Sarah Everand's tragic death.

Fae said she noticed many of us use the keys-between-the-fist trick when we're out alone.

But trying to punch an attacker that way could leave you with an injured hand or wrist, and won't help if you're grabbed from behind.

Instead, Fae recommends gripping your longest key between your palm, with the base inside your fist and the point coming out of the opening at the bottom.

"I've seen a lot of women say that they are carrying their keys like this to feel safe, meaning the key is only semi-effective for one punch," she explains, showing the more common technique.

"If I punch, that key is going back into me and is going to hurt me. Instead, take your longest key, hold it like this.

"That key isn't going anywhere," she adds, demonstrating her technique.

Fae then got a pal to show why the keys-between-the-fist technique falls short when being attacked from behind.

"If I grab her and attack her, she has nowhere to go," she says, as her mate swings her arms to try and defend herself, realising her key is at the wrong angle. "She can't do anything."

But when she holds the key the way Fae recommends, the point faces backward, allowing her to punch her arm back and stab her attacker in the leg .

"She moves her hips, she can stab me in the delicates," Fae adds.

The tip, which is tagged "stay safe #sarahevarand #reclaimthesestreets" has been watched more than 2.6 millions of times.

Many thanked Fae for the advice, although others admitted they wished women didn't need to arm themselves in this way.

"It's sad how we need to have this at all times," one woman wrote.

"This is amazing advice," another agreed. "I just wish it wasn't necessary. I'm sorry we need to do better."

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