IF you and your partner are wanting to spice up your sex life then spooning might be for you.

You may be familiar with the cuddling position, but why don't you take it to the next level?

What is the spooning sex position?

Spooning is known for being a cuddling position, but you can spice it up as well and add it into your sex life.

You and your partner can get into bed and snuggle up on your sides – with the person being penetrated laying in front.

Both of you need to face the same direction, as the position gets it's name from two spoons laying neatly positioned on top of each other.

If the "big spoon" is a man, he can then slide his penis into the "little spoon" from behind.

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The sex position is similar to doggy-style, but you're both lying on your sides and cuddling at the same time.

Spooning can be seen as one of the most intimate positions as it includes a large amount of skin to skin contact.

Your hands are also left free to play with toys or engage in clitoral stimulation.

You can change the angle of penetration by leaning forwards or backward which could increase your man's chances of hitting that tricky G-spot.

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Are there variations of the spooning sex position?

Yes, you can mix it up as there are several variations of spooning sex, with each just as enjoyable as the last.

Little Spoon Leg Lift

To try and mix things up even more, start in the usual spooning position but once your partner is inside of you, life up your outside leg and wrap it back round them.

This offers more access to your front side while pushing your bottom into your partner.

Little Spoon on Top

This one may be slightly more tricky but worth the try.

Once you're in position, you can roll over onto your back, with your partner moving with you.

Now that you're on top, you can manoeuvre your body so that you're in charge.

Big Spoon Leg Lift

If he wants to get even closer to you, have him wrap his outside leg around you.

This means you can get even closer – of that's even possible – creating an incredible skin to skin contact feeling.

The Ye Olde Spork

The spork sex position is very similar to spooning except the woman lies at a slight right degree angle facing away from her partner. 

She then lifts a leg over her partner's hips. 

Is the spooning sex position safe?

It could be argued that the standard spooning sex position is one of the safest of all.

It's unlikely you'll need a trip to the hospital due to both of you laying down.



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The position should easy to manoeuvre, and you don't have a lot of flailing limbs to worry about.

Our only caution is to be careful when attempting to roll over into Little Spoon on Top if your man is still inside of you.

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