IT'S no secret that being in the bedroom with your partner can burn a significant amount of calories.

But have you ever thought about which positions burn the most calories? Here's what we know.

The Butter Churner

If you consider yourself a pro in the bedroom, why not experiment with the butter churner position, which is a more advanced position.

If you are brave enough to try it, you can lose approximately 179 in 30 minutes, while this position burns even more calories for men.

A bloke can burn around 211 calories while churning some butter, making it the best exercise for them.

The Kneeling Wheelbarrow

The kneeling wheelbarrow is not only fun, but it also burns loads of calories.

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Women can lose approximately 149 calories in this position, while men will burn about 167.

The Squat

If you're a lady who likes it on top, it's good news for you because the results revealed that women burn the most during the squat – reaching up to 188 calories, specifically.

But if you want to burn off even more, you can ramp it up by going faster and losing up to 224.

Why not try switching it up and going reverse instead?

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You're bound to drop 137 calories while your bloke burns just 48.

Standing Position

Another brave one is the standing position, the second most intense position for men.

Men can burn around 198 calories trying to have fun while trying their best to not drop their partner.

But ladies, you have to put in the work as well, which means you'll burn approximately 145 calories in this position.

Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl burn many calories for women, 139 and 137, respectively.

According to The Cut, you can try squatting above your partner to bring the caloric rate up to 172 per half hour.

But they don't reach the same levels as men; with them putting in less effort in these positions, they'll only be losing 48 calories.


The lotus has the double benefit of being a position that doesn't require too much flexibility and will burn a few calories.

Women in this position can burn 139 calories, with men topping this with 148.

It is also known as one of the most intimate positions.

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While both partners will be putting in a lot of effort in the 69 position, women are likely to burn more calories than men.

In this position, women can expect to burn around 111, while men will burn around 78.

The trusty missionary didn't make the top 12 positions for women, but it comes close in number 13, with ladies losing about 47 calories per 30-minute session.

But calories aside, if you want to know what tends to get women off the most, it's Doggy Style followed by The Squat.


It may come as a surprise but spooning makes the list of sex positions that burn the most calories.

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A woman burns 100 calories while a man burns 110 from spooning.

As you're on your side, you're engaging your core, so you can skip your ab workout for the day.

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