PLENTY of fashion bloggers have compared Kim Kardashian's Skims to their favorite Amazon dupes, but none have done it quite like this.

A pair of identical twins tried the brands' bodysuits on for size, and what they discovered could save you money.

Twin sisters Heidi and Tara Snipes look just alike, and they have identical body types, too.

That made them the perfect candidates for a side-by-side comparison of Skims bodysuits and their Amazon dupes.

In their video review, Heidi and Tara each suited up in one of the bodysuits, which they ordered in three different colors.

On the right, one of the women wore the "original formula" Skims Sculpting Bodysuit, which retails for $62.

To the left, her sister wore a $38 bodysuit from Amazon that was clearly made in imitation of Kim Kardashian's brand.

At first glance, it was difficult to tell who was wearing which bodysuit, but the twins provided important sizing info in the comments.

"The Skims is an XXSmall, and the Amazon one is a Small," they wrote.

As such, they explained, sizing down the Amazon bodysuit would give a more "snatched" silhouette.

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A commenter asked, "Skims or Amazon? What do you choose?"

For Heidi and Tara, there was a clear winner.

"Honestly…Amazon," they revealed. "Skims is way too tight, it’s uncomfortable."

The twins were "convinced it's the same thing."

"They are both same exact material!" they insisted in the comments.

The "Spandex nylon-type" material was stretchy, but the Amazon bodysuits were less snug.

If you're a petite person, the Amazon dupe is especially suited to your needs, the sisters advised.

"This [dupe] is pretty tight on us, and we are pretty small," one of the twins said.

She even revealed, "I actually got rid of my Skims after buying this because the Skims was TOO tight."

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