This Is How Fashion Editors Make Affordable Clothing Look Expensive

A great outfit has nothing to do with the cost of the items involved. The thing that sets it apart is the styling, from creative color pairings to innovative layering to the use of accessories. And no, this doesn’t mean you need a designer bag, the latest shoe, or an expensive piece of jewelry to make an outfit pop.

There are plenty of affordable clothing brands that deliver on fresh silhouettes, punchy colors, and playful prints, which can instantly feel elevated and look expensive when pieced together in a clever way. Brands like the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s, for example.

For a quick lesson in how to make affordable pieces of clothing look expensive for Spring and Summer, our fashion team is highlighting their favorite pieces from the new May collection and sharing tips for styling each one like a fashion pro. And for more creative styling ideas, head over to The Outfit Bar at Kohl’s, where you’ll discover a range of easy yet stylish outfits you can wear to the office, for weekend activities, on vacation, and more.

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