THERE'S nothing worse than eating Christmas dinner, and then being really uncomfortable in your festive outfit.

So it's no wonder that Marks & Spencer have "hit gold" with their new sequinned trousers, which come with an elasticated waist to make them extra comfy.

As well as that, they are fully lined, have pockets and are super flattering.

All that according to one fashion fan, who splashed out on the £55 trousers in silver, and admitted they made her "feel like a million dollars".

George took to her TikTok page to rave about the trousers, which also come in black, champagne and navy.

"M&S hun, are you okay?" she began.

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"I bought the viral sequin trousers.

"What were you thinking? I mean, it's not like they're really good quality or anything, or they've got pockets or are cut in a really flattering shape.

"Or thanks to the elasticated waist, are really comfy.

"Or at £55 are a really good price point

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"Or the perfect shape to dress them up, or like today. Or the perfect shape to dress them up or like today, dress them down.

"I mean no, I don't love them at all!"

George modelled the trousers with a white shirt and grey jumper over the top.

And admitted that she couldn't believe it when she popped into the Oxford Street store and saw them in her size, so "snaffled them up".

She then continued: "Marks and Spencer, you've struck gold. Or silver in this case with these trousers!"

"They are just the perfect pair of sequinned trousers.

"I think they look so much more expensive than £55, don't they?

"They're fully lined, they feel amazing, they've literally made me feel like a million dollars!"

"I bought the viral sequin pants and boy-oh-boy, they’re incredible," George added in her caption.

"Now, we usually sparkle on Fridays don’t we?

"But this week, this isn’t just any old sparkle, this is Marks and Sparkle…!"

And people in the comments section were quick to agree that the trousers are a Christmas must-have.

"M&S are KILLING it at the moment," one wrote.

"I bought them in green last year – they are so lovely," another admitted.

"I’m not normally a trouser girl but bought these in the champagne and I LOVE them," a third wrote.

As someone else insisted: "The best thing is the sequins don’t stick together when you cross your legs.

"Love them!"

"I want them so so so bad," another commented.

"I got the sequin trousers in navy…love em," someone else said.

"Sainsburys have them too and are lovely and cheaper than m and s,"another person wrote.

But not everyone was sold on the trousers, for which there's a matching blazer too.

"I sent mine back," one sighed.

"Look amazing but did nothing for me when on."

"I tried them on and looked like an actual glitter ball," another grumbled.

"Why did I not look like the 5ft 9 model wearing them?"

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