In today’s celebrity-obsessed world, palace fashion is about a lot more than sparkling crowns.

Modern royals — from Diana to Meghan Markle — are expected to walk the narrow line between tradition and show-stopping style. As objects of public fascination and ambassadors for the crown, they often use their clothing in deliberate ways to communicate with their fans, said Elizabeth Holmes, author of “HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style” (Celadon Books), out Tuesday.

“The royals will never comment on [their looks],” Holmes told The Post. “They won’t give speeches, they won’t say, ‘This is why I am wearing this.’ They leave you to connect the dots.”

Holmes — who runs a popular Instagram account devoted to royal fashion, with 139,000 followers — has made a career of doing just that. Her book is a visual deep dive into the ladies of the House of Windsor and their designer duds, starting with Queen Elizabeth II.

Holmes said that while the queen has been crafty with her looks, her former daughter-in-law Diana took purposeful dressing to the next level, as seen on the fourth season of “The Crown,” now on Netflix.

“She derived power from it,” said Holmes. “And I think that helps explain a lot about why we care so much about what Kate and Meghan wear today, because Diana came on the scene and made royal fashion exciting and a reason to pay attention to the family,” said Holmes.

But that doesn’t mean she was above the occasional faux pas. Here, the recent royal family’s most controversial looks, from some of the most talked-about women of all time.

Daring Diana

Princess Diana and Prince Charles DancingDiana Leaves LivornoDiana At Serpentine

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