WEEDS can be a bit of a nightmare to get rid of in your garden, especailly if you don't fancy forking out for pricey products.

Luckily, one savvy mum has shared the simple three-ingredient recipe she swears by, and it costs next to nothing to make.

She explained how she made it in a money-saving group on Facebook and fellow gardening fans can't get enough of it.

Since she already had most of the ingredients at home, she only ended up spending 59p on two bottles of white vinegar, which she bought from Home Bargains.

If you want to make the weed killer for yourself, you'll also need threeheaped tablespoons of salt and washing-up liquid.

Then mix it all together and pour it into a spray bottle – you can clean out one you already own for this.


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She said: "My mum was talking about the weeds growing up between the slabs on her driveway and path.

"Couldn't sleep the other night so started googling away, came across this website detailing how to make your own weed killer at home.

"Bought the vinegar from Home Bargains (59p for 500ml) and already had rest of the ingredients needed."

"She said it's the best weed killer ever! Hope this helps someone out," she added.

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The cheap hack works out loads cheaper than expensive pesticides, especially if you've already got the ingredients at home.

That said, you should avoid spraying it close to other plants you want to thrive in your garden, as it could damage them too.

Other gardeners loved the cheap fix too, and some had already tried it out.

One commented on the post: "After cutting the leaves down, I used similar on ivy roots growing in a stone wall and they didn't return."

A second agreed: "Yes I use this and it does the trick for summer."

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