A PREGNANT woman has revealed her genius hack for making 126 dinners in advance and storing them in resealable bags. 

The savvy mum-to-be puts chopped, uncooked meat and vegetables inside the bags to be frozen until needed, which are then defrosted and put in a slow cooker with a sauce or stock. 

She was compelled to “make life easier” after the birth, as she realised she would be faced with having two children under the age of three. 

The plastic bag trick means she now has six weeks of family dinners – one a day – to help them cope with the first few weeks after birth. 

She anonymously posted a photo of 12 freezer bags filled with raw ingredients for stir fries and casseroles on Facebook on Monday. 

Hundreds of parents were quick to praise her incredible idea and said they wanted to try it themselves. 

She added the caption: “The fear is taking hold…just finished six weeks of slow cooker freezer dump bags, and couldn't be happier (or more exhausted!)”

The pregnant women thanked members of the Australian cookery group for giving her the idea to cope with her stress – and said it will mean she will have more time with her new baby. 

Other mums in the group said the trick is a “God send” around a delivery date and they “couldn’t recommend it enough.”

One said: “This is such a great idea if you have a large family to cook for.”

Another said the bags are ideal for discouraging her family from ordering takeaways when she works late. 

Another added: “Well done, very sensible. You will definitely need these soon!”

And one mum said she freezes ingredients in old ice cream tubs instead of the plastic bags. 

While another said they dice 3kg of meat in one go and freeze in family-size portions. 

You can pick up 20 zip seal freezer bags from Tesco for £2. 

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