PARENTS on TikTok have been accused of "exploitation" after they made a schedule for their kids to record 40 videos on holiday.

Family vlogger Lilly Davis shared a clip in which she explained she was going on vacation and didn't want the children "filming and working the entire time."

She then showed a spreadsheet which revealed how many videos the youngsters were expected to film during their vacation – and it left viewers appalled.

A fellow TikToker has slammed the mum and responded in a video with more than 2.3million views.

KC Davis said: “We don’t even get to see the whole spreadsheet, but there are at least 71 lines on this—and I know not every space is filled up, but I went back and counted and it’s 40 videos.

She continued: “They’re gonna make 40 videos with their family, their children, on this trip…Their idea of their children not working is making 40 videos.”

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KC then urged that people refrain from watching family vlogging channels and noted the actual creation of these 40 videos may involve a significant effort from the children.

She then explains how children’s personal moments may be violated for the sake of a video, or children may have their life events orchestrated in order to better appeal to viewers.

KC also expressed her concern at the workload that some of these kids are dealing with as she thinks it can be too intense.

“If 40+ videos is them giving their kids time off, can you imagine how many videos families like this and other family vlogging [channels] are making their kids perform?” she concluded.

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Lilly Davis’ TikTok account has gone private following the backlash but her Instagram remains active.

The Sun has reached out to Lilly Davis for a comment.

This is not the only time TikTok has been in the news recently.

Earlier this week we told how an OnlyFans star Elle Brookes was banned from the app.

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