IN this bizarre image, there appears to be a cat's head floating in the air.

Are you able to figure out what's going on in this fiendish but real optical illusion – only the top 3% can.

The picture was shared on TikTok by @brunettelegal3 who says: "At first glance it looks like this cat does not have a body, but if you focus really hard you'll see…".

Viewers across the world have been left scratching their heads trying to understand the truth behind the image.

How is the cat's head floating? Where has its body gone? How is it real?

What is truly happening is disguised in this clever image and only a few people can figure it out without help.

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People flocked to the comments to share their own experiences of looking at the mind-boggling photo.

One user proudly said: "I see it"

Another said: "WHERE".

A third: "POV: you come to the comments for answers".

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It seems that while many managed to find it, others were still left stumped at the coincidental illusion.

Frustrated, and even with the help of others comments, one user responded: "What! don't see it".

"It looks like his body sunk into the ground I don't see it never did," another said.

Are you able to work out where the body of the cat has gone?

Fear not, help is on its way.

If you didn't manage to get it, the cat is resting its head on a ledge and its body is hidden below the step.

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