WHILE Christmas celebrations may be smaller than normal this year, there's one thing which is staying the same – a dinner with all the trimmings.

Everyone knows a feast means a tonne of washing up to do later, which is reserved for those on the naughty list.

But mums are hailing Poundland’s new 75p kitchenware range as the easy way to cook Christmas dinner – with no washing up. 

Tanya Chaplin shared a snap of the store’s new disposable tray and foil range, with a range of sizes to fit your turkey, spuds and all your veg. 

The festive essentials – which include a whopping three metre-long roll of foil – start from just 75p.

Tanya shared a snap of the range to Facebook group Poundland Appreciation Society, saying: “Got the turkey but don't want the washing up? 

“Disposable trays and Turkey foil only 75p!!”

Her tip went down a storm online, with nearly 500 people liking her post, as mums agreed the trays save on the pile of dishes needing washing. 

One person said: “Not going to lie I want a couple of the veg ones for everything else’s too!! No washing pans on Christmas yes please.”

Another wrote: “I buy these at Christmas, less washing up at Christmas the better.” 

A third commented: “I buy these every year for doing potato's veg and stuffing.. No washing up.” 

While someone else added: “I use theses every year even on my Sunday roast sometimes it’s just soo much easier less washing up lol love Poundland.”

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