A WOMAN has revealed that she has covered 90% of her skin in tattoos and has plans for more.

Denyse Labarca, 31, is a tattoo artist and influencer who often attracts attention in public due to her jaw-dropping inkings.

Despite the stares she gets from strangers, Denyse, from Vancouver, Canada, has lost count of the amount of money she's spent or how many tattoos she has.

Her inkings cover her legs, arms, and torso – and have started to creep onto her face too.

She explained that she found her passion for tattoos after she met her husband, Cristopher, who has done most of her tatts.

She recently told the Hooked on the Look programme: “My body is 90% covered in tattoos and I feel like I’m not done yet. 

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“My confidence went through the roof when I started getting all of the tattoos that I have now.

“On Instagram, the stuff I get that’s negative is ‘Why would you do that to yourself?’, ‘What are you going to look like when you’re older?’ and ‘Aren’t you going to regret all of the tattoos that you have?’

“When I get comments it means I’m doing something right, people are coming and watching my content.”

Denyse explained that she also receives rude responses from people in real life too.

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She revealed that she gets a lot of weird reactions, with people stopping and looking at her, whilst whispering to each other.

She continued: “I had instances where I’d go to buy a brick of butter at the store and they think I'm going to steal because I have tattoos.”

Denyse got her first tattoo when she was around 15 or 16 – and it may surprise some that it was actually her mother’s idea.

She explained that her mum bought her a tattoo for her birthday present and now everyone in her family is inked.

She added: “Tattoos are addictive, I’m like, ‘Ok I have enough, I’m not going to get tattooed for a couple of years, I’m ok’ and then a couple of months go by and I see pictures online and then I start thinking about it and I get the itch to get tattooed.”

When Denyse met her husband, she had just five tattoos that weren’t very well done, but since then, Cristopher has inspired her to get more.

She also revealed that tattoos have given her a huge increase in confidence, as she continued: “I feel like the tattoos got me more comfortable in my skin, I feel more comfortable than I ever felt.

“Will I ever stop getting tattoos? Probably not, I want to say I would but I’m probably never going to stop."

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