FINDING fashion staples that work for your body is so much easier when you know what to look for.

One influencer shared her go-to dress style, and it's a classic cut that's perfect for plus- or mid-size women.

Body-positive influencer Veronica Freund has a phenomenal sense of style, and her TikTok is loaded with helpful fashion tips.

In a recent video, Freund introduced her followers to a style of dress she turns to whenever she needs a foolproof look.

"If you have a lower stomach and you're not necessarily comfortable with it, meet the A-line dress," Freund said.

She held up a burgundy dress with a fit-and-flare silhouette to demonstrate the style: the Lana lace long-sleeve minidress from Posh Shoppe.


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Modeling it for viewers, Freund explained why this type of dress works so well for her.

"The A-line dress is fitted at your natural waist," she said. The lower waist is more comfortable and flattering than other, more restrictive styles.

Then, Freund pointed out the A-line skirt, which gradually flares out without becoming bulky.

She said the skirt does much of the work of "minimizing the midsection and defining your silhouette."

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While Freund is typically a 16/18, she said this dress style is flattering for most body types.

She added that viewers who like how they look in A-line dresses should also look for the terms "fit and flare," "drop waist," and "empire waist" when looking for new styles.

Multiple viewers thanked Freund for introducing the style to them, while others were excited to finally learn that their favorite silhouette had a name.

"I have most of these kinds of dresses," one viewer wrote. "You're absolutely right."

"I love the A-line for my body type too," another woman wrote. "I finally got on the 'high waisted' train this summer for most of my skirts and shorts as well."

A few commenters asked what they should do if they still didn't see much impact on their waistline when wearing an A-line or similar dress.

Freund recommended accessorizing with a belt or sash. "You can use your own belt to define your own waistline," she said.

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