IT'S bad news if you have any of these items of furniture in your home.

They're total icks according to interior designer Erin, so you might want to steer clear of them.

The pro explained on her TikTok account (@niftynest) why some of the furniture bits are so bad, and padded chairs with fabric going inwards are a big no-no simply because they look like something else entirely.

Erin said: "I'm sorry but these just remind me of cat buttholes, I don't know why… yes I do."

She continued: "They're cool chairs and probably super comfy but the puckered look just give cat booty hole vibes."

Overly tufted furniture is also a bit of an ick, and not just in chair form, but also bed frames and foot stools.


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It's even worse the tufted furniture is part of an even more intricate piece of furniture too.

"Anything that would make me want to refer to you as 'my liege' or 'your majesty," is an automatic ick for the designer.

Instead, go with something a bit more timeless to go with the look of your home as trends and styles change – getting an entirely new bedframe or sofa can be expensive, after all.

Furniture with hairpin legs should also be avoided – not only are they not the most stable choice, but they're going to look outdated loads sooner than other options.

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Likewise, chairs stools with "tiny little stick legs" are out of the question for Erin, who said she would never buy them.

Her list of chair icks doesn't end there though, Lilliputian chairs are an awkward choice and something bigger will also look better, she added.

And even though thought he sliding barndoor trend might look cool on actual doors, you should have them on cupboards.

"I'm sorry, you can't convince me to like these," she said.

Edgy "drunk Dr Seuss-type furniture", like bending shelves or side tables are a pass as well.

And finally, anything overly and intentionally distressed always ends up looking more shabby than chic.

"It's ok if you like it, I'm just going to pass," Erin said.

Other interior design fans agreed with some of the picks, one commented: "Agreed with all but especailly the hairpin legs and tiny stick legs, I fear them."

"I would add velvet to that list," someone else said.

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