AN ELEGANCE whizz has shared a list of trendy shoes that are anything but flattering or classy – and looks like we need to revamp our wardrobes.

They might be the latest trend in the fashion world – but according to style whizz Level Blue, platform sandals make you look tacky.

The whizz, who recently caused a debate online after insisting that denim shorts were for teenagers only, said there were multiple sandals to steer clear of this summer.

Braided sandals

''I was at the shoe store the other day and I was horrified by what I saw,'' the style coach said.

One of the summer looks that traumatised her was the braided sandals trend that comes in a number of colours and patterns.

Sharing her thoughts on the style, the pro said: ''It not only looks tacky and absolutely distasteful but also, because it is a trend, everybody is gong to wear it.

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''The next season it will look so dated.''

Platform sandals

Another trend the elegance whizz was totally mortified by was the chunky platforms look.

''I don't understand why ladies willingly want their feet to look massive and heavy,'' Level Blue wondered in her video.

She also reckoned that the thick platform made it impossible to walk gracefully.

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So if you're after the viral Primark's £14 dupe of the cult favourite Versace platform heels, maybe give it a miss…

Bright footwear

The arrival of the warmer weather for many means only one thing – ditching the dark colour and introducing more vibrant hues in their wardrobes.

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But whilst the high-street may be full of colourful, even neon, sandals, this is another trend the pro will not be jumping on any time soon.

''It's not easy finding normal shoes anymore but please, ladies, stay away from these.''

Chains and glitter

As well as urging fellow style fanatics to not waste their money on clear plastic shoes, Level Blue also strongly advised against purchasing anything with glitter, rhinestones and chains glued on top.

''In general, my issue is that everything looks so blocky, massive, overly exaggerated and purposefully ugly.

''Nobody thinks these are beautiful shoes that a classy, elegant lady would wear.

''Where are we going with these ridiculous trends and why do we pay for something like that?''

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