WITH the cost of living on the rise, it’s never been so important to save every little penny. 

However, when it comes to scraping the cash it may feel impossible to even think about saving when you are living from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Thankfully, people across the country are sharing their best money saving tricks to help others live a more comfortable life. 

And one mum, Lisa Wooders, who goes by the name of Mum who budget’s on TikTok and has 101.4k followers, has shared her best saving tips.

With these tips she manages to have date nights with her partner, by presents for the kids, holidays and even has cash left over for her savings. 

Lisa’s biggest tip is to use cash instead of credit or debit cards, and use a cash envelope binder which can be bought from Amazon to do ‘cash stuffing.’ 

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It is where you divide up your income into physical envelopes marked for different expense categories and stuff them with money. 

The idea is that you are only spending physical cash and have pre-divided funds for each area you might be spending in.

And this is what Lisa is doing as part of her own 52 week challenge.

After paying off all her bills, Lisa, who has a son, 10, has around £500 a month and she makes sure she has that in cash.

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She then divides it up equally into different sections including petrol, shopping, savings, holidays, nights out with her husband, and kids presents.

In another video, she also recommends only ever using cash when you go shopping and never using a card.

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