GETTING your kids to sit down together can be a task in itself, but one mum seems to have cracked the code.

Not everyone's convinced with her unusual dinner time though, as some say it's a monstrosity.

The savvy mum, who posts under @mummyberrey on TikTok, recently shared a clip of how she keeps her teen boys' bottomless stomachs full and save on washing up.

In the video, the mum lays tinfoil on the table before pouring out a giant pan of cooked spaghetti and meatballs, not forgetting the side of garlic bread.

But in instead of serving the grub on plates, the mum served the meal directly from the table.

The teens looked baffled as their mum dished out the unusual supper.


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But not everyone was convinced that ditching the plates was such a good idea.

When one viewer jabbed that the family should "use plates like normal people," the mum hit back, saying, "who gets to decide what is normal?"

Another asked: "What is this monstrosity?" To which she replied, "Family fun!"

A third wrote: "This is a trend that needs to end."

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"Just get a trough and be done with it," someone else quipped.

But the mum defended the fun meal, she said: "We like to live our lives on the risky side of things, so much fun and laughter in our home."

Others were shocked by how much food the mum cooked for just four kids.

"There's enough there for at least eight people," someone pointed out.

The mega meal seemed to keep her kids full though, the mum even joked that her "full time job is grocery shopping."

Other parents loved the idea and even wanted to try it for their own kids.

"I hate washing up I need to do this," one wrote.

A second agreed: "Looks like an awesome meal to me, your kids are all happy that's all the counts."

And someone else commented: "Honestly super smart, and if the whole table is covered with something, NO MESS!"

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