A YOUNG mum has shared her controversial parenting techniques and her behaviour has divided the internet. 

Mum-of-three Lottie Weaver claims she will do all of her childrens’ homework and will always put her relationship with their dad first. 

Lottie proudly shared her views with fellow mums, who she claims won’t agree with her methods. 

“Let’s talk about some things that I do as a parent that you probably won’t agree with,” she says, while brushing her waist-length hair in front of a mirror.

“We [Lottie and her partner] prioritise our relationship. I tell my kids that one day they’re going to leave me and live their own lives. 

“I have to still like their dad when they’re gone.

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“Obviously we keep it appropriate, but my husband and I are very affectionate psychically in front of the children. I feel like that is very important. It’s the key to a healthy relationship.” 

While some mums set strict study time for their kids in a bid for good grades, Lottie has a very different view about giving her children work out of school time. 

“I will help do my kids’ homework with them,” she confesses. 

“I know every parent helps but if my kids are busy or rushing, I will do it because I’m not going to have them stress over four maths problems that they don’t have time to do. 

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“It may not be right, but I will help. And I do the majority of their projects for them.”

Lottie would have a thing or two to say to her kids’ teachers, if she could, and doesn’t agree with the work they hand out. 

“Some of the projects these teachers give…they’re seven years old,” she says. 

While tonnes of mums agree with Lottie’s homework motto, others aren’t so keen and claim it teaches a poor lesson. 

One user replied: “Teachers definitely know when an adult does their homework.”

And a second said: “I don’t agree with the homework. They’re not really learning anything by you doing it.”

Away from school work, Lottie claims honesty is key to her relationship with her girls. 

“My biggest goal in life is to have the most honest relationship with my kids,” she says. 

“I tell them all the time, I don’t care what you did. You could have run over a cow or robbed a bank, I just want you to be honest and talk to me.”

She’s also keen to raise strong and independent daughters who know their own minds.

“Even though we have all girls, we are definitely a ‘rub some dirt on it’ type of family,” she says. 

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“I try not to baby my girls a lot, especially if they fall over. 

“I love that I have little baby princesses but I want to raise them to be strong.”

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