SINCE loads of us are trying to cut costs this winter you might be using your tumble dryer less.

But there's one issue that often comes with drying clothes inside that can be hard to beat.

The smell of damp and mould can often linger for days if you're not careful, so avoiding it is a must.

Clothes often smell of damp because of trapped moisture, so the key to fresh smelling clothes isn't necessarily about adding scents in the washing machine, but also what you do afterwards.

Luckily, Nicky Ellis, a cleaning pro at Clean House Fast explained what we can do to stop our clothes and houses being plaugued with the stench.

She said: “Drying them doesn’t completely get rid of the smell.

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“The same applies if you leave wet clothes in the tumble dryer and you’ve not turned it on.

"The dampness and the enclosed space are a recipe for a mouldy smell.”

One of the best ways to prevent damp of mouldy smells is to add vinegar to your wash.

This works best if clothes are already smelling slightly damp, but can also help prevent damp smells from developing.

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Experts at Clean and Tidy Living said: “We are often told to wash our clothes in cold water because it saves on electricity but what we don’t often think about is the effect that this may have on the bacteria living on our laundry."

This is because hot water kills bacteria, but the addition of vinegar can help banish grim damp smells for good.

The pros continued: "This doesn’t mean that it should be done on every load but occasionally, especially when it comes to towels. 

“Try washing them with a cup of hot vinegar and on a warm setting along with your regular detergent to deodorise them.”

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Once washed, hang clothes out to dry immediately to give them the best chance of smelling good.

You can even add a dehumidifier to any rooms your dry clothes in to help laundry dry.

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