CLEANING is no one's favourite job, but there are ways to make the whole process quicker and simpler.

Many of us will try and get the job done by cutting corners but there are some bad cleaning habits that could be causing your home to get more dirty.

If you're developed any of these bad habits you could be creating more work for yourself in the long run, according to a pro.

Lynsey, AKA the Queen of Clean, shared the tasks that you're getting wrong around your home.

Tackle paperwork

Lynsey explained that post, bills and letters can quickly pile up if you don't get a handle on them.

She also suggested sticking to online banking and getting your other bills by email where possible.

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Go easy on the cleaning products

Next up, she suggested going easy on the cleaning products, which would handily save you some money too.

On her blog, Lynsey said: "Using too much cleaning product or laundry detergent is not always wise as it can cause much more harm than good.

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"If the product is not rinsed away properly the residue that is left over can become a dirt magnet trapping in dust and leaving streaks."

Sort out your wet towels and shower curtain

Leaving your grubby towels in a pile on the floor can cause big problems – as tempting as it may be.

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Lynsey suggested we all get in the habit of pulling out shower curtain over after we wash and hanging towels so they dry fully to stop mould and mildew building up.

Clean the things that clean you!

If you don't keep on top of your vacuum maintenance or you just keep pushing round a dirty mop, you're never going to get the best results.

Lynsey said: "Schedule into your cleaning plan, once a month to focus on your washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum, and dryer plus clean your mop head after every use."

Clean dishes as you go

It can be very tempting to ditch your dirty dishes in the sink and leave them for later but Lynsey advises against it.

She explained that it creates a breeding ground for bacteria plus it makes your kitchen look a mess.

Shoes off in the house

Lynsey suggests that even when you're doing a mad dash to get something you forgot, you should still take off your shoes before going back through the house.

She said: "The few seconds it takes to remove your shoes will save you vacuuming time, not to mention all the bacteria and germs that can be found on the bottom of your shoes.

"For ease use good quality door mats that soak up mud in the wintertime and keep a shoe rack close to your entrance."

Make the bed

You can have cleaned and polished your entire room but if the bed isn't made the whole thing will look awful.

The cleaning expert suggested getting everyone in the house to do their beds each morning and if you're pushed for time, you could always keep it simple with no fancy cushions or throws.

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Dusting from the top down

Always make sure you think through how you're doing you dusting because it's easy to create more mess.

Lynsey said: "Dust falls like snow, so when you are cleaning a room always start at the highest point of the room and work your way down, start with the cobwebs and lightly dust walls and surfaces before you bring out your vacuum cleaner."

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