A WOMAN who works at McDonald's has complained there's one thing about the uniform that she really hates.

Erika Shelley recently started working at the fast food eatery, and was left "deeply saddened" when she discovered that the pockets on the T-shirt are actually fake.

"This is me with this uniform, okay," she said in a video on her TikTok page.

"I saw, I was like, ‘Oh pockets, I want to shove a fancy pocket watch in there!’"

She then touched the top of the "pocket" to show that there was no opening, as she sighed: "They’re not real!"

"Deeply saddened #uniform," she captioned her video.

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And she wasn't the only one to experience uniform disappointment.

"SAME I JUST GOT A JOB THERE IM SO DISAPPOINTED," one person commented on her video.

As another agreed, writing: "My heart would break."

"I've seen ppl ripping the seams so they can actually use the pockets," someone else added.

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I work at McDonald's – drive-thru customers do one thing that's so annoying

"the trouser pockets aren’t real either," another wrote.

But someone else suggested: "The back pockets are real, just pop the seams with scissors."

And another person thought they'd sussed the reason the pockets aren't real.

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"It’s so you can’t steal money from the till," they explained.

"The trousers are the same but you can cut the stitching on those with a razor so it’s an actual pocket!"

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