A MODEL has revealed she spent £7,000 a month on beauty treatments before lockdown – but will cut this down to just £100 when it is lifted. 

London-based Amanda Lauren, who has been on the covers of Maxim France and Playboy Sweden, said her beauty costs also include spending an extra £8,000 a year on cosmetic surgery. 

However, since lockdown, she has incredibly saved a whopping £21,000 on her beauty expenses and has vowed to not return to her old ways. 

Speaking to Metro, she said: “Pre lockdown I would have a full-service manicure and pedicure every two weeks. 

“When getting hair and beauty treatments I used to only go to the best places (review-wise) regardless of cost.”

At her peak of high maintenance, Amanda would get a make-up artist to do her glam looks, and her hair would cost £1,500 in blow-dries and colouring from luxury salons. 

Another big expense for Amanda was injectables, which would cost around £2,000 a month depending on where she got them done. 

When lockdown came into effect, all these non-essential businesses closed their doors to customers, leaving Amanda in the lurch. 

She was forced to scale back her intensive beauty regime for a more natural look – and has found the experience very enlightening. 

She said: “The time off from my beauty regime has allowed me to do a lot of self-reflection on the inside as well as the outside.

“Before I was spending a lot to maintain ‘The Natural Look’, but in reality, the real natural look works better for me.”

She said she overall feels better for it and is happy to "hit pause" on her treatments.

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One of the benefits of stripping back her intense beauty regime is her skin has actually become clearer without numerous products. 

Her hair is also longer and stronger without the colouring and blow-dries. 

Amanda has said that after lockdown she will get highlights in her hair occasionally, and will get a mani/pedi every few weeks, along with a monthly facial. 

However, she will be assessing which treatments make her feel her best. 

She will also do a lot of DIY beauty treatments, like face and hair masks, as well as oils, to keep her skin and hair well-conditioned. 

She added: “I am going to manage my budget as I am just simply not interested in any of the services I was having previously.

“I have realised that focusing on my fitness, health, and inner-self is a wiser longer-term investment than the quick fix treatments I was having previously.”

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