A FASHION fan has come under fire for styling underwear as outerwear saying its all the rage but not everyone is convinced.  

Heather Michelle claims underwear as outerwear is the new style trend.

The fashion fan said: “In case you didn't know the queen is spoken, lingerie is in.”

“But it isn't just 2022 it has been in for years looks like this has been dominating the runway.”

Heather showed some runway examples of models styled in lingerie. 

She said: “Bras as top and sheer sexy pieces are all the rage. So let's style underwear as outerwear.”

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To start off with Heather said to dress down the outfit with a casual item like jeans.

She said: “I want to dress it down a little bit whether it be with denim or sweats or something a little bit more casual.”

Heathers went for a red lace balcony bra and decided to layer it with a black oversized blazer. 

She said: “I'm going to juxtapose the casual denim with something more dressy like a blazer. You could do a button up shirt and it just adds a touch of sophistication.”

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Heather admitted the outfit would be considered inappropriate in certain settings. 

“Obviously you're not gonna go into a board meeting with the CEO of your company in this outfit.”

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For shoes Heather went with black boot converse.

“At this point we have a pretty even balance of casual and dressy so your shoes can really choose what way it goes. I'm gonna pick sneakers but you could do a baby kitten heel if you want to dress it up.” 

Heather then tried to match her accessories with the key points of her outfit. 

“Next are accessories. This is the point where you can pull any little detail and really make it pop, for example the colour of the bra will pop more now that I have a red purse.”

“The red purse has a silver chain so I'm going to pop it with silver accessories.”

“Just like that you have styled a fall winter 2022 trend and a very wearable everyday way. The girls that don't get it don't get it.”

Heather’s video gained over 30,000 views. But it seemed some viewers were not impressed with her sense of style.

One user said: “Girl give your dad his blazer back.”

Another said: “Did you just say dress down underwear… I think that’s about as dressed down as you can get.”

However many viewers loved Heather’s style and thought it was okay to wear underwear as outerwear.

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One user said: “I think it's cute idk why anyone has an issue.”

Another said: “Omggggg f**king LOVEEEEE this I always loved a good blazer.”

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