MANY three-year-old girls would be happy with a Barbie or a teddy for their birthday, but not everyone has multi-millionaire Barrie Drewitt-Barlow for their dad.

The Manchester-born businessman revealed he has given his young daughter Valentina her first pony, a £50k Rolex watch and a diamond bracelet worth £70k for her special day.

Barrie also posted photos of his second youngest child – who he shares with fiance Scott, as she celebrated her birthday this weekend.

Speaking to Fabulous, the dad-of-eight said: “Her birthday is Tuesday but she has had an incredible weekend of being spoiled.

“She got her first pony and a new £50k Rolex and a 50 diamond platinum bracelet worth £70k and a whole new wardrobe of clothes for our trip to Miami next week.

“What else would you get for her third birthday?”

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Barrie, reportedly worth a staggering £200m, said Valentina invited her closest pals around to their home for a themed party.

He added: “She had a personal Chef prepare a full-on Peppa Pig feast for her and her friends.”

Barrie and ex-husband Tony made their millions from various business ventures including a trans-Atlantic surrogacy business and a global medical research company.

A few years ago, Barrie confirmed he had fallen for daughter Saffron’s ex Scott, and they now have Valentina and baby Romeo, who arrived last August via surrogate.

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The businessman, 52, splits his time between seven lavish mansions around the world, including in Florida and Essex.

Having come from humble beginnings, the entrepreneur said it’s important to him that his kids don’t struggle in minimum wage jobs.

Barrie shared: “I have lived that life and I don’t want it for my children and now, for my grand kids. 

“I have worked 20 hour days so they don’t need to. 

“I bet if you did a poll, nine out of 10 people would say if they had it or won the lottery, the first thing they would do is treat the kids or their other family members.

“Those that say they wouldn’t are lying.”

Barrie often gifts his eight kids and three grandchildren very extravagant presents for their birthdays, Christmas and Easter.

He recently gave daughter Saffron a £200,000 Range Rover as a push present for giving birth to her baby Marina.

The generous dad also bought the newborn baby a £1million house, which they will rent out to give the youngster an income.

The youngster has received a £5million trust fund from Barrie’s ex Tony.

Saffron and husband Conor, who tied the knot in Vegas in May, are currently living in Barrie’s £18million Miami beach house with their baby daughter.

Barrie also spends £4million for his family's Christmas each year, and bought baby Romeo a very unconventional gift when he was born last year; a £2.5 million yacht.

Giving up his millions, the dad was recently forced to live on a council estate with a £57 budget for a week on Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House, as he swapped lives with a struggling mum.

Meanwhile Barrie, who made history with ex-partner Tony for being Britain’s first gay dads to twins Saffron and Aspen in 1999, handed over his £6million Essex mansion and chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce to single mum Ocean for the TV experience.



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Upon arrival, the council flat was a far cry from the houses he lives in, which have a minimum of six bedrooms and full 24/7 staff including a driver and personal barman.

At the end of the experience, he prompted Ocean to break down in tears, investing £250,000 in her baby food business.

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