MANY mums-to-be create detailed birthing plans – but one woman revealed hers totally went out the window when she gave birth by the side of the road.

The new parent shared how she delivered her baby in the car after doing just four pushes.

In a video which has racked up over 106,000 likes, she shared photos from the dramatic labour.

On her @jademead01 account, she wrote: “Yep that’s me. I gave birth in the car on the side of the road – baby was out in four pushes.”

However, Jade also theorised that she brought the quick and unexpected labour upon herself.

She continued: “I guess all the exercises I did to prepare for a quick and easy birth worked.

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“I guess you could say it worked, although I wouldn’t recommend giving birth in the car.”

In a clip Jade showed how she had done squats and bounced on a ball, among other exercises in the gym.

People were quick to take to the comments, with one saying: “The same thing happened to me. Side of the road. When they want out they want out. Congrats.”

Another added: “My baby girl came out in 4 pushes!!!! It was so nice lol.”

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And a third wrote: “DID IT HURT THO.”

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