SHE couldn't resist ordering a weird dress after spotting it online.

But when the skintight ensemble arrived, Georgia was left dumbfounded by the results after trying it on.

She began her TikTok video by showing an advert of the dress on a model, as she said: "I had to know. It's just too weird – tell me it's not.

"And it's not for Halloween, it's for going out. Duh! Right, I'm going out in that, I have a thing this weekend."

She then disappeared off camera, before returning in the long-sleeved pink and blue dress.

Failing to contain her laughter as she saw how the dress looked on, she giggled: "It's giving sixth grade chemistry, it's giving X-ray, it's giving stomach digestion, like Pepto Bismol commercial.

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"What is happening?" she said.

"It looks very spacey doesn't it. Is that flattering in any way for anyone?

"I knew the bap area was drawn on from the vid but I didn't know it came with shoulders.

"Then you have the thighs, and this should be lower – this is where the family jewels are if you like, and I didn't know the back was drawn on."

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Georgia added that the drawing of the butt on the back was "too high" for her figure too.

"Who's come up with this as an idea, ran it through the marketing team and someone said, 'Yeah, let's do it. Let's do the human body on a dress'," she said.

In the video caption, she added: "What in God's name is this?!?

"Maybe it’s my age but that is the strangest dress I've ever seen!"

"It's an MRI scan come to life," one person wrote in the comments section.

"This is the funniest thing I've seen," another added.

"It’s giving Cool Runnings," a third laughed.

Others were quick to point out that Georgia actually had the dress on back to front.

"I think that’s on backwards hun," one wrote.

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"You’ve got it on back to front compared to the girl at the beginning but so funny," another added.

"Defo on backwards, but I bet it still wouldn’t be great," a third commented.

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