PARIS — Études Studios is launching a line called Essentials aimed at serving as everyday classics that will be carried through over the seasons, a move that comes as the fashion industry rethinks a system that had been fed with a frenzy of newness in pre-pandemic times.

“We identified these styles and decided to keep them for future seasons — these are pieces we’ve tweaked and improved and are now bringing together in this selection of ‘Essentials,’” said Aurélien Arbet, cofounder of the label and co-designer alongside Jérémie Égry and José Lamali.

“Some of the pieces will evolve and be introduced in a different material or color as one-offs, for a specific season, but the fits, the cuts of this selection of products will be offered in future seasons,” said Arbet.

The designer described pieces in the line, noting it includes a number of denim products, jeans and coats, as well as more dressy trousers with a carrot cut, hoodies, crew shirts, dressy shirts, workwear-inspired shirts, some tailoring, a bomber coat and a longer, technical coat for the rain, featuring brand codes like a bright blue hue, the logo and Europe stars.

“It’s really a wardrobe for daily use that you can pack for a short trip — you only take these pieces and you’re set, for wandering the streets or for an appointment — it’s quite versatile — with long-sleeved T-shirts and caps, and little accessories to finish off the silhouette,” suggested Arbet.

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Everything but the shoes, he added, calling it a “complete look of everyday pieces.”

“It’s what all of us wear here at the brand — whether it’s designers, or our teams — this is also what inspired us to do this — it’s really the pieces that we wear all the time,” he added noting they had evolved a bit from season to season, over the near-decade since the brand was founded.

“For us there was this idea, it reinforces this idea of Études and what we are about,” said Arbet.

Rather than use classic photos for the image, the designers sought a more artistic approach for the launch campaign for the line, working with Alessio Bolzoni, a photographer known for his sculptural approach.

“We wanted to highlight this contrast, with creative research in the composition of images to show products focused on pure lines and simplicity,” said Arbet.

“We thought, let’s create space for them and a moment to present them — a bit in reaction to what was going on around us— we’ll take time to show what is in fact the base of our collections,” he said, reflecting on the effect of the crisis.

The designers, which own their label along with investors — who include football star Tiémoué Bakayoko and French musicians Pedro Winter, Woodkid and Orelsan — have also taken on a design project with French outerwear and rubber boot label Aigle, to be revealed in the coming months.

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