Edie Parker handbag designer Brett Heyman never imagined she’d have her own line of cannabis one day. “Literally, never,” she tells Threads with a laugh. “I thought maybe shoes.”

But last week, she launched Flower by Edie Parker — a collection of gorgeous cannabis accessories and three strains of private-label flowers: Cherry Cheesecake sativa, Pineapple Rising indica and Banana Jam hybrid. “I think there’s a lot of surprise,” Heyman admits. “When we first started talking about it, people were like, ‘I don’t get it.’ Now that it’s out, and they see the store and the accessories and everything looks like Edie Parker, people are like, ‘Okay, that makes sense.’”

The collection includes a cheeky hand-blown glass grape pipe ($115), a leaf stash box ($395) and a blue lapis tabletop lighter adorned with strawberries ($450). Heyman, who says she smokes pot recreationally, wants blazing up to be as fashionable as every other part of her day.

“My dream would be a table where your handbag matches your glass pipe and your tumbler,” she says. Now if only she’d design something for the munchies.

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