IT SEEMS like every other day a new trend is popping up on TikTok – whether it's a cleaning hack or a way to make your home look more cozy, people can't stop sharing with others.

Sadly, a dentist has spoken out after a new trend began to make its way through the app where people were emptying out their toothpaste into clear containers.

If you are part of the world of TikTok, you might know that there's a certain group of people who share their tips and tricks to making their home look more put-together and that sometimes, for them, means putting every day products into clear containers.

Well, one woman decided to empty her toothpaste tube into a clear container before mixing it with mouth wash.

In a 2-for-1 type of product, she then proceeded to pump the mix on to her toothbrush for a more condensed mouth wash routine.

Chicago-based dentist, Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin, shared his take on the trend and quickly slammed it.

After watching the video, he told his fans: "Ok, here's a question, have you ever seen toothpaste in a clear tube before? Nope.

"The ingredients in toothpaste aren't UV-stable so exposing them to light makes them ineffective.

"Please don't do this," he pleaded with people.

In another one of his videos, Dr. Mohiuddin settled the intense debate on whether you should brush your teeth before or after eating, and he said it is the first option.

Dental Hygienist ‘avalene.r’ also encourages users to brush before breakfast, saying: "Brushing right after can damage teeth. If you must brush after, wait 30-45 minutes."

Meanwhile, dental student dancingdmd advised people to brush their teeth before breakfast. 

She said: "Bacteria stays on your teeth overnight. Brushing before leads to fresh breath and cavity prevention."

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