WHETHER you want to admit it or not, summer has come to an end and autumn is finally here. 

Soon it'll be time to put the central heating on and we dread to think what the bills will be like.  

But it doesn’t have to be stress-inducing issue.

The Sun’s Fabulous has cash-clever mum Gemma Bird on hand to give some of her top tips and tricks on the matter.

Gemma is a social media sensations whose savvy & thrifty ways helped her pay off her mortgage by the time she was 40.

Here, she reveals all her savvy saving hacks on how to save on the heating bill this winter.

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Close all your doors and windows to prevent hot air from escapingCredit: Getty

My advice on how to save on heating every winter ranges from the quite obvious to the not so obvious.

The first thing I would say is to always keep the doors inside your home closed! When your doors are open or slightly ajar, colder air can spread around the house easily.

You should also put draft excluders by the windows and doors. Gaps around these two areas of a home can let the cold air in. 

Sealing them prevents warm air from escaping and chilly drafts from sneaking in.

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And don’t forget – curtains and blinds are great insulators. They keep the cold out and the heat in. Make sure to close them when the evenings and nights draw in.


There’s no need to keep the heating on when you’re not in the room to feel the warmth. So, turn off radiators in unused rooms. Don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste! 

If you have a spare room or one you don’t use very much, be sure to turn the radiator(s) off.

Your boiler is an essential part of your home’s heating system. Setting the water temperature to 60 degrees is a great way to avoid overwhelming your boiler and still get hot water when you need to.

It’s also a good idea to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, which is often more efficient than waiting to heat the house up until it’s too cool to feel comfortable in. 

That’s because large gaps between temperatures force the heating system to work harder, therefore using more energy.

And you should never cover your radiators with clothes when drying them. Use airers or drying racks to dry your laundry. 

Covering radiators prevents them from warming your home up efficiently.


Who doesn’t love a hot water bottle? They are an instant source of warmth and reduce the need to have the heating on while you are asleep. 

I love to put a hot water bottle under my duvet around 20 minutes before getting into bed in the winter, so everything is all snug by the time I’ve climbed in. It means I don’t have to wait for the bed to take on my warmth to be cosy. 

Obviously, you can use the hot water bottle any time of the day. If you’re working from home, use a hot water bottle to rest your feet on to stop them getting cold.

On the flipside, this also means you can turn down the heating before going to bed, saving you energy and money while you are sleeping.


Another tip is obvious but often overlooked. My mum used to say to my younger self when I was cold: ‘Put on a jumper!’. Don’t rely solely on your heating. 

Layers are really important, and layering several thin pieces of clothing under a warm jumper does make a big difference. It allows you to keep the thermostat lower without getting super chilly.


You could be eligible for help with the cost of home energy efficiency improvements, like insulation, boiler upgrades, or other heating improvements. Check the government’s website for what you’re entitled to.

Cavity walls are available for free for certain homes, check if yours is here.

The government is extending the ECO scheme later this year until March 2026, meaning that energy suppliers are required to help households reduce the costs of their home heating by fitting energy saving measures.

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Different energy suppliers have different amounts of support and offer different types of improvements – so you will need to check with your energy company if you are eligible. Contact your council to find out if they’re taking part in the scheme, or contact an energy supplier directly.

Gemma Bird AKA Money Mum is a money tips champion, follow her on Instagram @MoneyMumOfficial

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