YNW Melly thinks it’s unfair he’s stuck in a jail cell awaiting trial for double murder, because he voluntarily turned himself in … and he insists he’s not going to run from the law.

According to new legal docs … the rapper wants to be able to post bond and walk free until his trial — despite the fact he’s facing 2 counts of first-degree murder in South Florida. Melly says if he was going to go on the lam, he would have done so when he first got word he was facing capital murder charges.

Instead, the rapper says he chose to surrender … so there’s no reason for the court to think he’s a flight risk. On top of that, YNW points out he was born and raised in the area and his entire family lives there — which he says is even more proof he isn’t going anywhere.

As for his actual case — in which the rapper’s accused of killing his friends and staging a fake drive-by shooting — Melly seems to like his chances in court. In the docs, he says there’s no murder weapon, no witnesses tying him to the shooting, no DNA evidence implicating him and no motive.

We broke the story … the State of Florida disagrees with Melly, and is seeking the death penalty.

The State says it has proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Melly and Cortlen Henry shot and killed Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. … shot up their own car to make it look like a drive-by, then left the victims at the ER — even though cops believe they were already dead.

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