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Victoria Beckham, 48, and David, 47, larked about at a roller-skating rink as they celebrated Harper Seven’s 11th birthday.

In hysterical clips shared to the Spice Girl’s Instagram, she filmed David attempting to roller-skate. However, he needed a helping hand from Victoria who gave him a big push onto the rink.

After gliding across the floor, an out of breath David rolled over to Victoria and insisted: “The problem is, they’ve told us to go round the other way now and I am a bit confused. I think my wheels are on wrong, they are going in one direction.”

Victoria then quipped: “You just need to loosen up your body a little at the top, get a bit more groovy!”

She then shared a snap of Harper sitting next to a giant birthday cake with the caption: “Let’s not forget why @davidbeckham was showing off his skating skills! Celebrating an early birthday for Harper Seven. Happy weekend!” 

The Beckhams go rollerskating and share Instagram clips

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