Steph McGovern, 37, presents Shop Well, For Less? alongside her co-star Alex Jones, 42, where the duo aim to help families change the way they shop to save some money. A Twitter user recently took to the micro-blogging site and questioned the BBC Breakfast star on the pair’s advice during a recent episode of the programme. The person in question asked: “On Shop Well For Less Steph, can you explain why buying another coffee machine it will actually save money when someone has got one already!” Steph replied in view of her 364,000 followers: “So to explain…1) We use examples of where they have already spent a lot of money to help them with other things in those areas in the future.

“2) It’s for the audience’s info just as much as it is for the specific family.

She added: “3) We always say ‘in the future you could save’.”

The social media user’s comments come after a recent episode of the BBC programme where Steph and Alex advised a family to purchase an alternative coffee machine, despite them already owning the item.

However, as Steph suggested the show’s main aim is to help the families save money when purchasing products in the future.

Elsewhere, the pregnant BBC Breakfast shared her well wishes with her colleague Karin Giannone, 45, who recently suffered from sepsis.

Karin recently opened up about the condition on social media in view of her 24,000 followers.

The BBC World News host shared a photo of a thermometer showing her 39 degrees centigrade fever and another snap from her hospital bed.

She captioned the pictures: “I didn’t know I had sepsis. It just felt like flu.

“If you don’t feel right, do not hesitate to call 111 or go to A&E.

“My mum insisting I go when my temperature hit >39C – though still mobile and alert – saved vital hours and got me life saving treatment in time @MTWnhs.”

In response to Karin’s candid admission about her health, a relieved Steph took to the comments section of her BBC colleague’s tweet.

She wrote back: “So glad you got medical treatment in time. Get well soon. Xx.”

Elsewhere, Steph caused stir on Twitter after she outed her cameraman for making an epic blunder.

She shared a snap of him with a bra attached to the back of his camera, which he didn’t realise he picked up.

Steph wrote: “Trying to decide whether to tell our cameraman that he’s accidentally picked up one of our contributor’s bras with the back of his camera.

“(FYI. We are filming in the contrib’s house and the bra was hanging on the back of her bedroom door!) #extrasupport.”(sic)

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6.30am.

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