The One Show: Alex Jones asks Rylan Clark about his health

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Rylan Clark, 33, has been inundated with messages by fans who have urged the reality TV legend to “sell his house” after he posted a short clip of a snake in his home. The star could be heard panicking in the video footage as he shared it with his 1.7 million Twitter followers. 

The star attached the caption: “NOT TODAY SATAN KILL ME NOWWWW.” 

In the video, Rylan could be heard recoiling and panicking as he yelled: “Tried to touch it and now, it’s moving! It’s moving! Go the other way please.

“Oh my god, what is this?”

Celebrity friends and other fans of the star flocked to the comment section to share their shock and horror. 

Katie Piper wrote: “Sell your house immediately.”

The grass snake, which was evidently looking for an exit from the home, was subject to an Instagram story post by the star, in which he begged his followers for advice. 

He added in the caption to the story: “This is why you shouldn’t live alone”.

As it carried on looking for a way out, Rylan jokingly called out for the police. 

He wrote: “Will it attack? Can somebody tell me will it attack?” 

It wasn’t long before he quickly followed the clip up with another one, frantically claiming the animal “went at me”.

He then turned the camera on himself after revealing the snake had disappeared. 

However, he wasn’t so sure it had left the property, saying: “If I’m not here tomorrow then thank you Jesus for everything.”

The star confessed he was badly affected by the situation as he began to Google possible outcomes. 

He was visibly baffled by the scenario and asked whether or not it was normal for a snake to be in his UK home. 

Some users were stunned that there was a snake in England. 

@F1_Aimee wrote alongside crying emojis: “Please don’t tell me that’s in England.” 

Others playfully reassured the star, with @anee_nigma saying: “It’s more scared of you, high fella, than you should be of it.

“But, it’s they way they slither, right? And they have no place in your gaff.” 

@Purple_daisy21 said: “There are only a very small few snakes that are poisonous. 

“There are obviously Venomous snakes though. Venom is from a bite or sting, poison is eaten or absorbed.” 

@Tvukzone joked: “I guess ITV can put you down as a no for @imacelebrity, then?” 

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