The Duchess of Sussex formally moved to the UK in the fall of 2017. That’s when she wrapped on filming for Suits and she closed out her rental in Toronto. She moved into Harry’s cramped bachelor pad, Nottingham Cottage, and they announced their engagement soon after. By December 2019, they were in Canada, planning their Sussexit. So, Meghan lived in the UK for roughly two years. Two years of racial abuse, chaos, tears and threats of exile. Those two years are also notable for several projects Meghan did while she was in the royal family. One of the most successful projects was easily the Together cookbook, the profits of which went to the Hubb Community Kitchen and the Grenfell survivors. Meghan put the cookbook together and wrote the foreword. She was criticized for it and the tabloids went f–king bonkers over it. Then the other royals copied her. The Duchess of Cambridge ended up “writing the foreword” to that Hold Still coffee table book, and look, Prince Charles and Camilla wrote the foreword to a Jubbly cookbook:

📖 TRHs have written a joint foreword for ‘The Platinum Jubilee Cookbook’, to be released later this week.

— The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall (@ClarenceHouse) April 25, 2022

Other than the rather obvious copykeening, I’d like to point out that Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth are not known for being food-lovers or culinary experts whatsoever. Both Liz and Charles are known for loving extremely bland, unseasoned food. Camilla is more knowledgeable about food and drink, and she enjoys both. My point is that I don’t trust a cookbook associated with Charles. But yeah, Meghan really was the blueprint.

Also: Quo bono? Who gets the profits from this cookbook?

— The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall (@ClarenceHouse) April 25, 2022

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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