Metal icon Ozzy Osbourne, who has been kept out of the limelight due to health issues, plans to release another album in 2024.

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, the Black Sabbath legend revealed that he is feeling okay and plans to release an album in 2024 before getting back out on the road.

“I’ve had all the surgery now, thank god,” he says. “I’m feeling okay – it was just dragging on. I thought I’d be back on my feet months ago, I just couldn’t get used to this mode of living, constantly having something wrong. I can’t walk properly yet, but I’m not in any pain any more and the surgery on my spine went great.”

“I’m getting myself fit,” Ozzy adds defiantly. “I’ve done two albums fairly recently, but I want to do one more album and then go back on the road.”

Osbourne released his first new album in a decade Ordinary Man in 2020 and then followed it up with Patient Number 9 in 2022.

(Photo: Ross Halfin)

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