Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have a song together!

You might recall that the 40-year-old actress revealed last week that they recorded a duet and told Andy Cohen to ask her 30-year-old husband about it.

Well, the Watch What Happens Live host did exactly that when Nick appeared on the show with his brothers Joe and Kevin, and their longtime friend/manager Greg Garbowsky, which aired on Mother’s Day (May 14).

Andy asked Nick about the song, and the musician revealed if and when they’ll release it, and he also shared that he raps in Hindi on the track!

Find out what he shared inside…

“Well, I think the song is actually quite cool. We basically were in London during COVID, she was shooting Citadel, which is now out, and we were kind of bored late night in the house, and I had my studio rig,” Nick dished. “I got this studio track sent to me by this great producer, and it basically, she was like, ‘You should rap in Hindi at the top of the song.’ So I rapped in Hindi and it sounded cool, and she said…”

“I can’t really rap, but I can rap in Hindi,” he added when asked about his rapping abilities. “But then she sang, and we were like, we should save this for one of her movies back in India at some point in time. So, maybe it will pop up in a Bollywood movie.”

The Jonas Brothers also opened up about their purity rings, which of their fellow Disney alums has the better discography, who their music icons are, and more.

Check out the videos of Nick, Joe and Kevin on WWHL right here…

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