Married at First Sight star Thomas Kriaras has shown off his amazing body transformation following the end of this year's series.

The fan-favourite groom, who married Rosaline "Rozz" Darlington on the show, posted a before and after shot of the results of his intense work-out regime.

Along with a snap of his svelte figure looking lean in a suit, Thomas shared a topless image of him flexing his muscles and six-pack.

The refined star, who comes from a well-to-do background and has opened up on his struggles with past relationships treating him badly on the show, reflected on his journey with fans.

"I don’t recognise myself sometimes when I look back at old photos of myself," the star captioned his photos. "On the left was me 5 years ago, looking for a new suit for my graduation and that was the only one that’d fit my small frame.

"On the right is me now, the strongest I’ve ever been. After doing a Q&A today, I had a lot of people asking me what I would have done differently if I could go back.

"I would’ve made sure I continued being my best self instead of letting myself become unhappy and unfit."

The star went on to say that he's now in "such a good place" and he's thankful to all the "beautiful people" he met on the show.

Calling it an "amazing experience," Tom said he's excited for viewers to see how his and Rozz's relationship unfolds, despite the fact that the latter has repeatedly said she doesn't "feel anything" romantic for her husband.

"Thanks everyone for being amazing. I can’t wait for you guys to see mine and @rozzdarlington’s journey!!!! #mafs #mafsuk #fitness" the reality TV star added.

Proving the pair are still friends, if nothing else, Rozz was one of the first to comment on the snaps.

"You looooook amazing Tom!!!" the blonde beauty exclaimed, as Tom replied with a cheeky throwback from their time on the show together.

"@rozzdarlington right back at yaaaa, not like anyone would have seen it on our honeymoon with those ski suits on," the star added with a giggle.

While Rozz and Tom have struggled to find a connection on the show, the latest commitment ceremony showed the pair were still determined to focus on their relationship.

Having now admitted to sleeping together, the duo are continuing to build on their feelings for each other, and to grow as a couple.

Time will tell if the next commitment ceremony will see the pair finally give up.

Married at First Sight continues Monday-Thursday on E4

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