Mixed feelings, much?! While the thoughts of having to survive more schmaltzy dates after last night’s courting onslaught wasn’t enticing AT ALL, the prospect of another shock dumping prior to Monday’s finale is nothing short of bamboozling. But first…

To the two remaining dates/sales pitches. They left the vanilla to last, complete with toasts, tears, and revelatory moments aplenty. While the series itself was the usual buffet of budgetary delights, these final dates seem to be a marginally different matter. There was no pack of Pringles on the sofa for either of this pair.


Belle and Anton got treated to one of the most romantic dates of all time – trying not to soil oneself in a helicopter. Especially with such lines as “I’ve got an amazing view of the outside, but an even better one inside” being bandied about. And it was only going to get more sincere as the date progressed, with Anton burbling: “When I was younger, my mum took me to see Beauty and the Beast and I fell in love with Belle. She bought me a little Belle figurine and I slept with it every night. I’ve now found my real-life Belle. You’re beautiful on the outside and inside. It’s unbelievable to think that someone who looks as good as you, are as pure on the inside.”

We’re not even halfway through, peeps. This is what Belle had to say about Anton’s most famous appendage – his arse: ““I can’t wait to meet your mum and discuss the bum-shaving techniques! I feel like I did a good job but there was room for improvement. I’ve got so much to learn. I’m not trying to take her place but there will be days where she might be a bit busy, and I’ll step

in for her.”


Much like how last night’s dates were peppered with scenes of Maura eye-rolling herself into oblivion at Curtis’s neverending list of excuses as to why he didn’t want to “fluhher” her unmentionables in the (*ahems* communal) room the night prior, tonight’s dates were intserspliced with a healthy dose of japery from the confines of the Villa.

Taking its cue from I’m a Celebrity…, the boys had to undergo a set of challenges unbeknownst to the girls in order to get some cocktails. The quest included such trials as getting the girls to change clothes of their own free will (Curtis’s challenge, natch); Tommy had to get felt up by every girl in the Villa apart from Molly-Mae; Ovie had to spill milk over someone PLUS hide Elly Belly somewhere; while Greg (and this is the best one) had to get Maura to declare “Fanny Flutters” not once, but THRICE. It wasn’t nearly as easy as it sounded.


Borrowing heavily from Anton’s previous Belle reference, the boxer and the Insta-girl enjoyed a turn in a grand ballroom. There were tears, declarations talk of moving in together, and generally sealing the deal… We could go on, but you know the rest. Molly was already talking about them “moving in togevvah” once they leave the show, so cue the reality TV show a la Danni and Jack.


Each couple had to secretly vote who they thought best to dump from the island. Considering how those left are mostly sound and get on with each other, the overriding feeling was one of “SH*T, THEY’RE GOING TO GO FOR A LAST-IN-FIRST-OUT SCENARIO” meaning Ovie (and India) would be up for the culling… the voting went thusly

Ovie & India voted to dump… Maura & Curtis (too much bickering about incidentals)

Amber & Greg voted to dump… Maura & Curtis (as above)

Curtis & Maura voted to dump… Ovie & India (new couple)

Anton & Belle voted to dump… Ovie & India (as above)

Tommy & Molly-Mae voted to dump… Anton & Belle (blazing rows “early on”, something Molly’s been banging on about for quite some time now)

Soooo, as a result, three couples are up for the public vote. As ever, those (IN THE UK) voting are doing so on the basis of their favourite. Those options are… Ovie & India (please vote to stay), Maura & Curtis (half vote to stay), and Anton & Belle (*tumbleweeds*)


• Ovie ironing India’s dress for her though…

• Greg’s impersonation of Molly-Mae involving the terms “categorically” and “Elly Belly” was inspired

• This…



The remaining Islanders lose their tiny minds over being separated from their family for a few weeks when they turn up in the Villa, while UK voters will see sense and let Anton and Belle head home early. There’ll be a riot otherwise…

Love Island continues on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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