BBC Breakfast: Eddie Redmayne describes balloon crash

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Actor Eddie Redmayne has undoubtedly been left heartbroken this weekend following devastating wildfires in the French Riviera. The Fantastic Beasts star had spent vast parts of his childhood in the region, where his family own a luxury holiday home.

The hill at the back of the house now looks like a scene from the First World War.

Richard Redmayne

Eddie’s property, worth an estimated £2 million is believed to have been left in a horrific state following wildfires in the region.

The 39-year-old actor is said to have spent many weekends and school holidays at the luxury abode during his childhood.

Eddie’s father has spoken out after discovering that the vast property will now require a major refurbishment.

Neither the actor nor his family were in the property at the time of the dramatic scenes.

The stunning villa has been in the Redmayne family for over three decades, with Eddie spending most weekends at the six-bedroom property.

Living in luxury, the abode on the stunning French Riviera boasts its own swimming pool and tennis court.

While the wealthy family are not in the property over the summer months, those lucky enough can stay at the home for around £7,800 per week.

The property is surrounded by forests, making it a perfect retreat for those wanting to relax and enjoy their privacy.

In a new interview, Eddie’s father, investment banker, Richard Redmayne, 83, stated the property had been occupied by friends, who were forced to leave immediately.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Richard said: “The whole upper floor and the roof – was burned up.”

He continued: “The heat was clearly intense.”

While it wasn’t just the home that caught fire, he went on to say: “The hill at the back of the house now looks like a scene from the First World War.”

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Richard explained that while the region has previously suffered from wildfires, this year’s dramatic scenes were worse than they could have imagined.

“We have had fires before there, we had one 15 or 16 years ago,” he told the publication.

He went on to say: “My gardener said to me that this last fire moved so fast that it covered the same distance in an hour that it took the earlier one to travel in three days.”

Richard confirmed that he and his wife Patricia, are set to fly out to France in order to review the damage to the home.

The wildfire, that took over the region on Monday, has since been described as the country’s largest wildfire in history.

So far, it has ripped across 20,000 acres of Var, situated close to the stunning Saint-Tropez.

The blaze has obliterated dozens of residential and holidays homes in the area before it was brought under control.

It’s been reported that a cigarette butt is believed to have caused the disastrous fire that has since killed two people.

Investigators are still looking into the blaze that has also injured around 26 people since it got underway.

Over 1000 firefighters and 250 fire appliances from across the country have been battling to extinguish the fire but while it was brought under control, they were adamant that the fire is not yet “out”.

Currently, those tackling the blaze are worried that weather conditions across the region could reignite the fire due to heavy wind, with no rain expected for around ten to 15 days. has approached Eddie Redmayne’s representatives for further comment.

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