Kodak Black

Kodak Black‘s attorney says the rapper’s arrest for cocaine possession is a case of mistaken identity … at least when it comes to the drugs cops allegedly found on him.

Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s lawyer, just reacted to his client’s most recent arrest in Florida, saying … “In this latest case, my belief is that the ‘rock’ this officer found when tested will be a Percocet, not cocaine.”

kodak black mug

As we reported … Kodak was arrested last week after cops said he was found asleep at the wheel of an SUV with a mouth full of white powder and several white rock-like objects on the ground … which Kodak alleged was Percocet.

The arresting officer tested the powder on the scene and says it came back positive for cocaine … but Kodak’s attorney says, “The test they do is a presumptive test for illegal substances. It just turns blue.”

kodak black and lawyer Bradford Cohen

Kodak was ultimately arrested for possession, tampering with evidence, and violation of his existing probation … with a traffic violation tacked on.

Cohen tells TMZ … the rapper has a dependency on prescription pain pills, including Percocet, and his team is working on a treatment program for him.

Cohen tells us … “There will be a couple of different phases of this treatment in order for him to get better. You have to treat the root problem of the dependency and that’s what is going to happen. We are going to alleviate dependency.”

Kodak’s attorney says he’s been hooked on opioids since his time behind bars, when he was allegedly beaten badly by prison guards.

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