Omid Scobie discusses the “royal racist” controversy in Endgame, and he does so through a conversation about the letters then-Prince Charles exchanged with the Duchess of Sussex. During the 2021 Oprah interview, Meghan spoke about conversations, while she was pregnant, about what Archie would look like, and what color skin their baby would have. Charles wrote a letter to Meghan following the interview and within the letters they exchanged, at least two “royal racists” were named. Scobie did not name them, although Scobie does note that both Prince William and Kate were “well aware” of the accusations before Meghan’s interview. Scobie also wrote that Charles “felt the Duchess of Sussex should discuss her feelings with the Waleses, too. Two years on, and neither Harry nor Meghan has received any word on the matter from William or Kate.” One former staff member told Scobie: “The last thing they wanted was for people to start pointing fingers at the bosses [William and Kate].”

In interviews to promote the book, Scobie has said that he knows the identities of the racists but for legal reasons, he won’t be the one to name them. My sense was that Scobie was very careful about how he wrote about all of this, but he also left some breadcrumbs. Of course, I’ve believed it was William for a while now and I’m sticking with that theory. Well, according to the Dutch translation of Endgame, Scobie suddenly declared that the royal racist was Charles all along! This is obviously a translation screw-up and the Dutch edition will be temporary pulled.

Omid Scobie’s controversial new book has been pulled in Holland after its Dutch translation appeared to name the ‘royal racist’. Publishers Xander have confirmed to the Daily Mail that it had received a last-minute request from the US to put sales of Endgame on hold and were ‘awaiting further instructions’.

Scobie does not name the member of the royal family said to have expressed ‘concern’ about the skin colour of Harry and Meghan’s future son, Archie, in his original edition of the book. He says libel laws prevented him naming them – although he has gone on to claim that a second person within the royal household also echoed the remarks.

But a page taken from a review copy of the book sent to Dutch journalists does seem to contain the person’s identity.

Referring to letters written between Meghan and the King discussing the issue, it reads: ‘But in those private letters [the identity] was confirmed: ….’ [the Mail has redacted the name concerned]

It is not clear why a foreign language version of the book would name an individual when other editions did not, or whether it was intentionally included or is a major publishing error. A spokesman for the Dutch publisher said: ‘You are right but I can’t talk about the details. We have, however, received a request to put the title on hold and that is what we have done.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s really funny to me that the Mail redacted the name, especially since they’ve been frothing at the mouth for YEARS trying to “unmask” the racist. It was always a feint though – all of the royal journalists know exactly who said what. You think all of these people leak like sieves about everything except racism? Of course not – they’re just waiting for Harry, Meghan or Omid to do their dirty work for them. Anyway, I’m pretty confident that this is just a weird translation issue, but what do I know? It would be absolutely bizarre for Scobie to be like “no, Dutch speakers will get this information exclusively, you guys.” Scobie dismissed all of this too, saying he didn’t have anything to do with this translation drama.

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