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I really do try to sit out a lot of the Mommy Wars. I’m not a mom, I’m just a single woman with two cats, judging from the sidelines. Do I think that it’s appropriate for five-year-olds to wear makeup? No, I don’t. But I also remember being fascinated with my mother’s makeup when I was a kid, and I get how some moms are like “okay, you can wear some lipstick and blush today” especially if they have a kid who is fascinated by that stuff. So… this is a photo of Kaia Rose Biermann, daughter of Real Housewife Kim Zolciak. She’s five years old and wearing a face full of makeup.

Taken on its own, the issue of “a very young child wearing makeup” is more nuanced, as I said. But in this situation… Kim Zolciak has older daughters Brielle and Ariana, both of whom have been getting cosmetic work for a while. Brielle’s had a crazy-jacked face since she was like 19 years old. Ariana has looked jacked since she was 17. So… it’s complicated. It’s not just “Kim allows her child to wear makeup for fun a few times!” It’s more like “we have proof that Kim teaches her daughters to undergo cosmetic procedures at a young age for no real reason.”

Anyway, people were freaking out in the comments of Kim’s Instagram posts. She denies allowing Kaia to wear hair extensions and she also said that that the child isn’t wearing eyeliner. But… Kaia is definitely wearing mascara, right? And eye shadow. And bright lipstick. And foundation and blush. Anyway, just another reminder… Kim Zolciak might love her children but she clearly teaches them that they are not good enough naturally. It’s painful.

Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram.

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