Kanye West was supposed to join Jimmy Kimmel this week on his late night talk show after the election.

However, Jimmy confirmed that Kanye cancelled his appearance on the show.

“On Wednesday, the day after the election, we’ll be joined in studio by maybe the next president of the United States, Kanye West will be with us,” Jimmy originally said, before adding, “Oh he canceled? OK, Kanye West has canceled moments ago.”

He continued, “So he will not be here, but I’ll be here. Can I cancel too? We’ll try to get one of the other presidents to come in.”

Senator Cory Booker replaced Kanye as the guest that evening.

Did Kanye‘s cancellation happen because of his poor results in the 2020 Election? Find out how many people voted for him in early returns.

By the way, did you know that Jimmy and Kanye have a turbulent history!?

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