As we’ve heard more and more about this split, we’ve learned Jodie Turner-Smith filing for divorce from Joshua Jackson wasn’t as sudden as we thought. The couple reportedly started to drift over a year ago.

But we’ve also heard they did try to fix it. So in the end, the actual act of filing was a surprise — to Josh anyway. A source told Us Weekly:

“Joshua was clearly caught off guard by Jodie’s decision to divorce. They had their issues, as many couples do — especially two busy actors who are also juggling a child. Joshua obviously didn’t realize it was this bad, that Jodie was this unhappy.”

It was over a year, and he didn’t see she was ready to pull the plug? Was he lying to himself? Or was he really so busy he just didn’t see it??

Well, we had heard the couple were keeping up appearances. Maybe the After Yang star was a good enough actress she even fooled her husband? They obviously fooled us. But they seem to have fooled those who know them a lot better, too! The insider claimed the news floored their inner circle:

“Their friends are baffled and trying to understand how this came about.”

The source did acknowledge their start was just as quick, calling it “a whirlwind romance.” If you don’t know the story, it’s really cute. They met at Usher‘s birthday party in 2018. The way Jodie tells it she saw him across the room and wanted him immediately. But it was the Mighty Ducks star who went flying vee right at the model when he identified her Sorry To Bother You t-shirt. She says he followed her around being cute all night — and it worked on her! She told Seth Meyers in 2021:

“When I first met my husband, we had a one-night stand. We’re in a two, three-year one-night stand now.”

The source seems to imply they never had time to slow down and think about it:

“They became glued to each other after the first night they met, and then parenthood soon followed. It was a huge lifestyle change, especially for a free spirit like Jodie. But they seemed so devoted to each other, so everyone is shaking their heads.”

We guess ultimately, with a little distance — courtesy of both actors getting a lot of work last year — she realized she did need to be free after all.

So sad for Joshua right now. We’ve heard he’s “heartbroken” and wants Jodie back. And their friends apparently feel the same way, as Us Weekly‘s source says they’re all “hoping there’s still a chance for reconciliation.”

With the filing though? And hiring such an ace lawyer? It doesn’t seem likely. As the insider explains:

“Jodie seems quite sure of her decision. The ball is in Joshua’s court, though right now he’s likely trying to sort things out himself.”

What can he do though, except maybe cry? It sounds like the bawl is in his court.

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