Jonathan Ross's daughter asks people not to send medical advice

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Jonathan Ross’ daughter Betty has hit out after receiving a “hateful” message from an Instagram user, after specifically asking her followers not to send her medical advice as it makes her feel “uncomfortable”. Yesterday, the star’s dad revealed that his eldest, 30, had been diagnosed with “debilitating” health condition fibromyalgia, leading him to cancel his yearly, high-profile Halloween party.

Don’t send me messages like that please

Betty Ross

In view of her 4,000 followers, Betty has now thanked social media users for their messages of support.

The NHS describes fibromyalgia as a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body.

Speaking out online, the star clarified that she didn’t want people messaging her with medical advice.

She said: “Some of it I’m very down with, things like tens machines and heated blankets, I’m always happy to hear more of that.

“But I’ve also had quite a few people specifically telling me I should be cutting out certain foods or I should be taking certain medicine or they think I actually have a different condition.”

Betty continued: “I appreciate it’s all coming from a really nice place, but that medical advice makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable.”

The star went on to reassure her followers that she’s seeking medical advice from professionals.

“I’m seeing a really good specialist, I feel like I’ve got that side of it under control,” Betty explained.

However, merely hours later, the star said she had received “the most hateful” message in her inbox.

Betty penned: “I’m still thankful that out of over 40 new message requests only one of them was terrible and all of the others have been delightful but it’s still really miserable getting something like that.”

After addressing why the messages had upset her, the star ended her explanation once again asking her followers to refrain from sending her medical advice.

The lengthy direct message in question sent the star “unsolicited” health advice and incorrectly proceeded to explain fibromyalgia to Betty, who contracted Covid at the start of the pandemic.

After first berating the star for having her comments turned off, they went on to claim that her condition is the “bad result of eating too much starch and sugar” which eventually “breaks down the intestinal cells”.

Responding to the claim, Betty branded it “factually incorrect” and “creepy” that the social media user is assuming they know what she eats.

After being told that she “has” to change her diet, Betty called the comments out as being “ableist” and replied saying that they have “no right to tell a stranger what they should be eating”.

The social media went on to implore Betty to “research diets related to gut health” as well as suggesting “natural treatments” which the star immediately saw as a “red flag”.


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Addrssing the comments, Betty finished: “So to conclude: Don’t send me messages like that please.

“Don’t send any disabled people messages like that please.”

Yesterday, Jonathan told Good Morning Britain viewers that throwing his famous annual bash while his daughter is ill “would be like something out of a horror movie”.

He said: “One of our children isn’t well, one of our children had Covid at the beginning of the pandemic and they thought she had long Covid,.

“It’s now been diagnosed as fibromyalgia which is quite debilitating, so she’s back home with us and we’re looking after her.”

He went on: “She’s upstairs in the bedroom and I thought, ‘I can’t in good conscience have a big loud fun party downstairs and one of my children is locked in a room upstairs’.

“It would be like something out of a horror novel,” Jonathan added.

He went on to say that he hopes he can make up for it with next year’s party.

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