Elon Musk discusses comments on Texas shooting

Johnny Depp apparently blames Elon Musk for his turbulent divorce from Amber Heard, according to Elon’s father Errol.

In fact, he claims the Pirates of the Caribbean star could even sue the owner of X for damaging their relationship.

Amber and Elon dated for a few months back in 2017, shortly after her split from Johnny.

A bombshell interview with Errol Musk has now alleged that Heard’s relationship with the billionaire had a severe impact on the marriage.

“I thought Amber Heard was perfect for him,” he said.

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“[Depp] blames Elon for the breakdown of his marriage and is on the cusp of suing him for that still.”

Errol went on to claim that his son was in love with the actress – Johnny even accused Amber of having an affair with Elon while they were still married.

“Elon was in love with Amber for a long while before she got divorced from Johnny Depp,” Errol told the MailOnline.

“It’s natural to want to be the dominant seed. But if you have children in vitro…” and here Errol trails off and shakes his head.

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According to the new biography on Elon, his relationship with Amber had to fit around their busy work schedules.

At one point, the Hollywood star flew to the Tesla factory to surprise him on his birthday, and Elon did the same when she was filming Aquaman in Australia.

Their short-lived relationship was recently back in the news after the X owner shared an ‘intimate’ photo of his ex, allegedly without her permission.

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In the photo, Amber was dressed up as the character Mercy from the Overwatch video game series, a costume that apparently took her two months to make.

According to sources in Page Six, the actress was left “fuming” when she saw the snap being spread around social media.

“[Amber] did not give permission to Elon to use the photo,” they said. “[It was meant to stay] private.”

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