Gogglebox: A new couple are introduced to the series

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Most wouldn’t need to be arachnophobes to feel the fear after a huge spider was spotted at Gogglebox couple David and Shirley Griffiths’ home. However, the advice they received from fans was a little extreme. It comes after the couple shared a photo of the beastly insect in view of their 149,000 followers this week, alongside the caption: “Found this out the back, any ideas.”

The unusually large creature drew fear from the pair’s Instagram followers, with one, @tracy.webb18, urging the pair to “Set fire to the garden and run”.

@peterbassett55 exclaimed: “It’s the dreaded Caerphilly tarantula, avoid at all costs.”

Meanwhile, @guymaxmum1961 used an emoji modelled on the Edvard Munch painting The Scream, adding: “Flame thrower should sort that one.”

@angiehans simply stated: “Omg! Move house xx”.

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The couple had posted a photo of the spider in order to get some tips from fans, but their followers were too distracted by how terrifying it was to help out.

@jean.rowlands shared their fears, stating: “Sends shivers down my spine!”

@terrybo09 added jokingly: “Pretty big I would start charging it rent.”

@lisaloult admitted: “I’d run a mile if I saw that.”

The Caerphilly couple, who are in their 60s, are not too far from Wales’ capital city, Cardiff, causing some to be surprised about the large size of the spider in proximity to an urban area.

The couple have been on the show since 2015 after a casting agent spotted them.

He predicted – correctly – that the pair’s wry sense of humour would make them a hit.

Although they might be TV stars, that’s merely in their down-time, as both have maintained their regular jobs.

Dave works as a cleaner in a factory, but is also a keen baker, raising speculation as to whether he could make an appearance on The Great Celebrity Bake Off.

Meanwhile, 66-year-old Shirley is working in retail.

Besides that, the pair – who have two grown up children – are also engaged in sharing the care of their two year old bulldog, Blue.

According to The Sun, each family appearing on Gogglebox receives £1500 per month, which can be shared out between themselves.

Yet despite their extra windfalls, they show little sign of quitting their day jobs.

Earlier this month, the couple reported their pride at receiving a BAFTA nomination via the show.

Fans like @louisebrady_ encouraged: “You’ll smash it… I b****y love you pair I do!”

@davidson.jean added: “The laughs are most welcome!”

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